Poshmark Introducing Posh Remit

More changes are coming to poshmark on April ! This is the e-mail that a lot of us got.

Dear User,

As you may have heard, new laws have been enacted that require marketplaces to collect sales tax on all eligible orders. This means that Poshmark is required or may be otherwise obligated to collect sales tax on sales and submit these taxes directly to states and localities.

To simplify sales tax for our community, we created Posh Remit—one of the first country-wide tax remittance services.

Posh Remit is an innovative, hassle-free service that calculates state and local sales taxes, collects it from shoppers, and submits the appropriate amount to the state on behalf of our Seller Stylists—so you can focus on your business, not your taxes. This allows Poshers to continue to reach shoppers across the United States, while at the same time supporting their local communities directly.

Starting in April, Posh Remit will begin collecting and submitting sales tax on all taxable orders and we’ve updated our Terms of Service, effective as of March 28th, to reflect these changes.

Seller Stylists are quickly becoming the next generation of retailers, and we’re committed to continuing to scale our services to make it easy for anyone to run and grow their own business on Poshmark.


Manish Chandra

Founder & CEO, Poshmark

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