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Poshmark Introducing Posh Remit

More changes are coming to poshmark on April ! This is the e-mail that a lot of us got. Dear User, As you may have heard, new laws have been enacted that require marketplaces to collect sales tax on all eligible orders. This means that Poshmark is required or may be otherwise obligated to collect sales tax on sales and submit these taxes directly to states and localities. To simplify sales tax for our community, we created Posh Remit—one of the first country-wide tax remittance services.

Poshmark increasing shipping rate ! effective Feb 7, 2019

Unfortunately for all of us Poshmark is increasing their shipping rates again !, It’s only .30 cents but for items that sell for under $15, it does feel like a lot, here is what the official email says. Dear User, As you may already know, USPS recently announced an increase in their shipping rates. In order to adapt to this change, we have made an adjustment to our shipping rate. Effective tomorrow, February 7, 2019, Poshmark flat rate shipping will be $6.